Aurelius Acquired by DataStax


Over the last four years, Aurelius has delivered its clients and community a collection of open source graph computing technologies. The distributed graph database Titan gave users the ability to process large-scale graphs represented across a multi-machine compute cluster. Furthermore, many of Aurelius’ engineers made significant contributions to TinkerPop, providing a vendor agnostic graph standard in support of graph technology interoperability.

In a move to ensure that the graph community has the requisite tools for the growing need to consume and process massive-scale graph data, Aurelius has merged with DataStax. DataStax is the distributed database company behind Apache Cassandra and together, we will be able to take Aurelius’ graph technology to the next level. Unlike Aurelius, DataStax has the resources to provide the type of enterprise support our clients wanted, the type of massive-scale testing our clients deserved, and the type of outreach and stability that our clients needed. Aurelius will finally be able to meet our client’s biggest requirements as DataStax.

We also see this acquisition as a good thing for the general graph community. The Aurelius team, at DataStax, has two primary missions: 1.) provide a Titan-inspired graph product to their DSE product offering and 2.) continue to work with the Apache TinkerPop community to ensure an open source, graph standard for everyone.

We would like to thank our clients and our community for their business and support over the years. Furthermore, we would like to thank the Aurelius team (past and present) for their many contributions to the graph space. Into the future, please look to DataStax to meet all of your scalable graph computing needs — click here. We bid you farewell…


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