Aurelius’ clients apply graph solutions in various commercial sectors including social media/networking, telecommunications, education, retail/commerce, healthcare, finance, and computer hardware. A subset of Aurelius’ clients is provided below.

Cisco Convey Computer Pearson
Los Alamos National Laboratory KineticFin Digital Reasoning
PARC Pongr Magazine Luiza
Shutterstock Senzari Blackboard


Aurelius’ patrons support the research and development of Titan and TinkerPop beyond the direct, immediate requirements of their organization. Through patron support, Aurelius is able to focus specifically on technology enhancement.



Aurelius’ partners are focused on solving similar problems. By partnering, Aurelius is able to support projects that can benefit from the technology and expertise of outside resources.

Hortonworks FoundationDB

Aurelius acquired by DataStaxAurelius acquired by DataStax.