Many organizations’ data potentials are hindered by expensive database/mainframe licenses and longstanding 3rd party consulting/contractor relationships. Moreover, even with existing contracts, organizations are unable to achieve the scale and query/algorithmic demands that their business requires. Aurelius sees that for the industry as a whole to move forward, it is necessary that data(base/processing) technology becomes free and open source. By alleviating this financial burden, organizations can use their resources to secure skilled engineers and invest in the future of computing (whatever that may be). In analogy, gone are the days of paying for a programming language and no longer are advanced operating systems for cost (see Linux).

Aurelius’ gainsharing offerings are itemized below.

  • Aurelius reviews the technology currently used by the organization.
  • Aurelius realizes the organization’s current and future data goals.
  • Aurelius collaborates with the architecture staff to design a scalable graph-based solution.
  • Aurelius collaborates with the engineering staff to develop and deploy a scalable graph-based solution.
  • Aurelius trains the staff on all aspects of the technology and its community.

The purpose of the offering is to liberate the organization from proprietary software and extended consulting engagements. With the gainsharing service, the organization has an Apache2-licensed database solution tailored to their business needs and an in-house staff that is versed on how to manage, maintain, and extend the solution.

In exchange for the offering, Aurelius takes a percentage of the saved costs. That is, the savings incurred when technology licenses and contractors are no longer required.

Aurelius acquired by DataStaxAurelius acquired by DataStax.