Aurelius develops the Apache2-licensed graph database Titan and (contributes to) TinkerPop. This means that Aurelius’ technology is free to use for any purpose without contract (commercial or otherwise). In order to sustain our organization and to continue to develop the technology, Aurelius leverages various revenue generating streams such as consulting, training, and subscription. Another such stream is patronage. A list of typical patronage relationships are provided below.

  • Development: Patron resources are invested into Titan/TinkerPop development. Through funding, Aurelius team members can be alleviated from client engagements and can focus specifically on engineering. Moreover, organizations can contribute expert engineers to the open source effort.
  • Research: Titan is a means to solve some of the toughest and most exotic problems in the world. Funding Aurelius’ researchers guarantees that world-class thinkers in applied graph theory and technology are realizing the future of graph computing.
  • Benchmarks: Supporting Aurelius in an effort to demonstrate advanced algorithms and further prove Titan at greater scales benefits Aurelius in that it yields publishable material which attracts more users/organizations to the technology. Moreover, to the funding organization, it provides proof of concept for their particular use case. An example outcome of this model is the “Educating the Planet with Pearson” blog post.
  • Promotions: An organization can support Aurelius by advertising their use of Titan. Some of the best ways to do this are via attaching Aurelius’ technology logos/links to product pages and writing blog posts that demonstrate the technology in use.

Patronage is a useful way to contribute to the advancement of Titan and ensure that the future of graph computing has a sophisticated, open, and free suite of graph technologies based on solid theoretical foundations.

Aurelius acquired by DataStaxAurelius acquired by DataStax.